Lilian Biggs taught Iyengar Yoga in Bradford from the mid-seventies and over time a strong core of

practitioners built up in the area including many teachers trained by Lilian.  In 1991 she asked Mr

Iyengar if he would permit a local yoga institute to be formed in his name.  Mr Iyengar agreed and

The BDIYI was born.

A committee was formed and began producing a local newsletter and holding yoga events with local

and visiting teachers as well as social events. People traveled from far and wide to come to Lilian's

classes and so BDIYI members spread over a huge area of Yorkshire.  

Lilian died in 2005 leaving behind a strong centre of Iyengar Yoga.   The Sheffield teachers split away and formed their own institute in 2001.  There remain over 50 teachers under the Bradford & District umbrella, providing classes over a wide area of Lancashire and Yorkshire.   They range from East Coast to West Coast.   Many BDIYI teachers have been practicing and teaching yoga for many years including two senior teachers who run teacher training courses.

The Bradford & District Iyengar Yoga Institute continues to hold a lively program of events that are always well attended as well as producing a regular newsletter.   The Institute is affiliated to the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK and so all members are associated members of the National Institute.  

BDIYI is one of the largest regional Iyengar Yoga institutes in the UK with over 200 members.


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Bradford and District Iyengar Yoga Institute

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The BDIYI holds special events throughout the year.

Check out our events page for the latest info and on how to book.